White Widow the legendary classic, winner of the 1995 'High Times Cannabis Cup' and the hearts and altered minds of many around the planet.


A bushy stout plant producing chunky, conical bud’s. Sticky and covered in white trichomes that give the fully-grown plant that led to the name.


The smell is super strong and pungent with high pine aromas leading on to an earthier incense taste.


Fast acting on the mind, uplifting and cerebral. An enhancer. It seems to make whatever you are doing better and you'll be physically able with it - no couch-lock here.


Push further in for a more psychoactive trippy effect, further still and you'll be thinking two weeks ahead of yourself.


Easy to grow with whopping yields.


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  • Type - Sativa / Indica

    THC - 18 to 24%

    Flowering - 8 to 9 weeks

    High - Uplifting, Cerebral, Fast, Enhancing

    Sex - Feminised

Curators of Superior 



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