Super potent, one of the most potent on the planet, Skywalka Ghost Kush is a rare and much sought after cross of Skwalker OG x Ghost OG x OG Kush.

Indica dominant.


A small to medium plant densely populated with big fat buds, oozing resin and delivering tight crystal coated colourful nugs of wonder.


Strong herbal aromas blend nicely into a earthy broad spectrum spice taste.


Waves of relaxation will ripple through your body and mind as you transcend to a place of peace and happiness.


A truly special mindspace of fun, giggles and munchies.


Respect this plant. Proceed with care. One of the Best.


  • Type - Indica/Sativa

    THC - 20-30%

    Flowering - 9 weeks

    High - Relaxing, Happy, Trancendental, Dreamy

    Sex - Feminised

Curators of Superior 



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