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Sherbert Dab is a sweet and creamy smelling Cookies x Indica cross whose bright green buds are covered with trichomes and delicate orange pistils. Like many Cookies crosses, her buds can tend towards purple under the right conditions.


Her taste is amazing: an explosion of sweet berry fruits with hints of mint, nuts and cream.


Troubles just melt away under Sherbert Dab's calm and smiley influence. She can have quite a motivational effect.


Please click here to view and download this photo in Hi-Resolution


All Big Head Seeds are sold solely as souvenirs or for genetic preservation.


  • Type - Indica/Sativa

    THC - 17-21%

    Flowering - 7 to 9 weeks

    High - Motivational, Energetic, Calm, Contentment

    Sex - Feminised

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