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Julie’s Cookies. Big Head’s re-working of the legendary multi cannabis cup winning Girl Scout Cookies delivers you the best of all worlds.


A stable, beautifully colourful plant that delivers the fruitiest, most delicious sugar-coated buds.


Then the fun really begins. A relaxed sense of wellbeing rises to a clear plateau of blissful euphoria. Full body ecstasy.


The taste and aroma are a heady mix of cinnamon and fruitcake. She is one potent lady a little goes a long, long way.


Please click here to view and download this photo in Hi-Resolution


All Big Head Seeds are sold solely as souvenirs or for genetic preservation.


  • Type - Indica/Sativa

    THC - High 22-26%

    Flowering - 9 weeks

    High - Blissful. Euphoric. Superbly Relaxing

    Sex - Feminised

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