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Although Grandaddy Banner is a slightly Indica dominant strain, her appearance is very Sativa like. Grandaddy Banner combines the best qualities of Grandaddy Purple and Bruce Banner. 


She produces glistening, crystal covered bright green and amber nugs of joy. Earthy tones give way to a sweet floral vanilla taste.


Very...VERY STRONG! THC levels of 28% are not to be trifled with. Steady as she goes... 


You will encounter glorious levels of euphoria, chatter, laughter and munchies and eventually you will enter a blissful state of sedation.


All Big Head Seeds are sold solely as souvenirs or for genetic preservation.


  • Type - Sativa/Indica

    THC - 24-28%

    Flowering - 8-9 weeks

    High - Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed.

    Sex - Feminised

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