Although Grandaddy Banner is a slightly Indica dominant strain, her appearance is very Sativa-like. 

Grandaddy Banner combines the best qualities of Grandaddy Purple and Bruce Banner.

She produces glistening, crystal covered bright green and amber nugs of joy.

Earthy tones give way to a sweet floral vanilla taste.

Very...VERY STRONG! yes, I did shout that...or did I...?

THC levels of 28% are not to be trifled with. Steady as she goes...

You will encounter glorious levels of euphoria, chatter, laughter and munchies and eventually you will enter a blissful state of sedation.

Treat lovingly and feed well for 8-9 weeks


  • Type - Sativa/Indica

    THC - 24-28%

    Flowering - 8-9 weeks

    High - Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed.

    Sex - Feminised