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Crystal Runtz is a stable, equal balanced indica/sativa cross of two of our more popular strains Zkittelz and Crystal Gelato.
What a sweet combo! 


A kaleidoscope of purples, greens and oranges, these colouful buds have the sweetest, fruitiest, sugar candy smell.


To top that she'll deliver you copious resinous buds with a mind blowing 27% THC content of euphoric bliss. Outrageous!


Warm, electrical vibes travel through you and take you on a rare and sought after energising and creative journey all the time wrapped in a chilled out vibe.


A little goes a very long way and so will you.


All Big Head Seeds are sold solely as souvenirs or for genetic preservation.


  • Type - Sativa/Indica

    THC - High 22-27%

    Flowering - 8 to 9 weeks

    High - Euphoric, Energizing, Creative, Relaxing.

    Sex – Feminised

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