Cookie Dawg brings you one of the most entertaining indica dominant hybrids, a synapse-busting cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg.


A good size sturdy structure of blue green buds with flashes of orange hairs all crystalised in glistening trichomes.


Aromas of earthy vanilla and nuts give way to a fully fuelled taste. Cue the entertainment: a lot of laughter, munchies and all round good times will ensue. 

Park yourself or indeed you can be physically active out and about whilst your mind happily bounces along on a pink cloud of euphoria and happiness.


Easy grower.


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  • Type - Indica/Sativa

    THC - 20%

    Flowering - 8 to 9 weeks

    High - Uplifting, relaxing, funny, munchy.

    Sex - Feminised